GitHub Copilot has been making waves in the tech industry since its release in June 2021. As an AI-powered code suggestion tool, it promises to revolutionize the way we write and develop code.⁠

Our insights - 6 months after using GitHub Copilot 
At our company, we recognized the potential benefits of Copilot but also had concerns about its ethical implications. After careful consideration, we decided to test Copilot for 6 months to assess its effectiveness and its impact on our development process. ⁠
We believe in a responsible approach to technology, one that takes into account the potential risks and rewards. So what were our insights with github copilot: ⁠

We found that ⁠
✅ ⁠it increases our productivity⁠
✅⁠ helps us identify potential errors⁠
✅⁠ saves us valuable time.⁠

AI versus human 
However, we were also mindful of the need to balance the benefits of Copilot with our responsibility to produce high-quality code. We recognized that the tool was not a substitute for our expertise and experience in programming.⁠

We understand that technology is not neutral, and we have a responsibility to use it ethically and responsibly. Our decision to test Copilot reflects our commitment to exploring new technologies while taking into account their implications for our company and the wider community.⁠

In conclusion, our experience with Copilot has been positive. And we believe that it has the potential to be a valuable addition to our development process. However, we remain vigilant and mindful of the need to use it responsibly and in line with our values as a company.⁠

For more detailed information get in touch with our CEO Sebastian Voina-Winter or DM. ⁠

Photcredits: franz-harvin-aceituna by unsplash⁠